Transducer Protector

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Transducer Protector Description

For the liquid medicine bottles used to fill the injecta such as glucose and normal saline, air pressure of the bottom of the liquid medicine bottles will become lower with the injecta flowing into the infusion tube. Then it is necessary to connect the bottles with air to avoid the blood to suck back. Also, the leakage of the injeta has to be avoided when connecting to the air. In fact Membrane Solutions’ protective vents here act as a transducer protector. The excellent air perm of our vents connects the internal space with air during the whole operation process. Besides, for the medical applications which need radiation sterilization, the performance of Membrane Solutions’ protective vents won’t change after radiation sterilization, then the safety of the medical device is reliable after sterilization.


Features & Benefits

  • Clean, non-shedding, minimal extractables - to maintain a clean environment
  • High particulate removal rate - up to 99.999%
  • Hydrophobic - gas permeable water barrier
  • Oleophobic option - repels oils while allowing air flow
  • High air flow rates - to ensure venting and pressure equalization
  • Chemically inert - to ensure vent reliability
  • Thermally stable - to accommodate a wide variety of environments
  • Low cost alternative to hermetic sealing 
  • Customized designs for your applications 

Testing Capabilities & Analysis

  •  Hydrophobicity analysis 
  • Oleophobicity analysis 
  • Airflow analysis 
  • SEM examination and evaluation 
  • Diffusion rate testing

Handling Instructions

  • Wear gloves when handling the vents. 
  • Mounting surfaces should be clean and free of oils, particles, and other contaminants.
  • Follow dispenser instructions when using an automated vent dispenser. 


   Part No. Thickness(μm)

Air Flow


WEP/(mbar)  Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 
MSMV270200BX 130 2 270 99.90%
MSMV270140BX 300 1.4 270 99.90%
MSMV380120BX 180 1.2 380 99.99%
MSMV520056BX 250 0.56 520 99.9999%
MSMV1000008BX 190 0.08 1000 99.9999%

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