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Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane for Venting/Gas Filtration



Membrane solutions offers a range of various PVDF hydrophobic membrane applied for air filtration . Material characteristics of the PVDF hydrophobic membrane include high flow rate and long service life at low operating pressures,so they are ideal for sterile filtration and venting of air/gases.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong hydrophobic and high strength
  • High removal efficiency
  • Naturally hydrophobic
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Long autoclave life - minimizes costs
  • Excellent thermal stability


  • Chemicals Industry
  • Clean room
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Venting of tank
  • Automotive industry 
  • Electronic industry 


Part No. Pore Size (μm) Alcohol Bubble  Point (MPa) Alcohol Flow Rate
 (25℃,Δp = -0.07MPa) (ml/min/cm2)
MSPVDF010BX 0.1 0.18-0.25 2-5 120-150
MSPVDF022BX 0.22 0.11-0.15 6-10 120-150
MSPVDF045BX 0.45 0.05-0.09 20-40 120-150
MSPVDF100BX 1 0.03-0.05 60-100 120-150
MSPVDF300BX 3 0.01-0.03 120-180 120-150
MSPVDF500BX 5 - >200 120-150

 *Custom roll, Sheet, and disc sizes available upon request and specification of other pore sizes, please feel free to contact with info@membrane-solutions.com.


  • Membranes produced in a controlled environment
  • Manufactured according to ISO9001 certified Quality Management System

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