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MS® RPS Resident Reverse Osmosis Element Housing



MS’s PRS resident RO element housing is manufactured by automating injection molding technology with fiber reinforced polypropylene or ABS materials by using a special process. The material properties of the product has more advantages than ordinary steel, plastic and other materials in pressure, temperature, corrosion degree, etc. FRP and ABS material have excellent insulating property, it can protect reverse osmosis element from the outside temperature. The strict design for housing body, head and slotted, optimization details ensure the long-term security and stability under pressure.
PRS resident RO element housing excellent supporting parts combine to make the better sealing performance. And excellent outer surface treatment makes the product always remain newly in any humid environment.
There are three color of the housing, white, clear and translucence. The housing applies for all 50G~ 125G resident reverse osmosis elements and general ultrafiltration elements.   


  • Housing material has excellent insulating property, it can protect reverse osmosis element from the outside temperature 
  • Smooth contact surfaces to prevent bacteria and dirt buildup
  • Thicker bowl increase the compressive capacity and explosion proof strength
  • Raw materials are FDA approved to ensure safety and non-toxic
  • The outlet of concentrated water has been optimized to ensure the connect variability during the installation process.


  • Resident water purifier system
  • RO drinking system
  • Laboratory instrumentation and equipment
  • Post filter for reverse osmosis or ultra filtration


Items Reverse Osmosis Element Housing
Material FRP(Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene) ABS
Outside Diameter 77mm, 97mm, 110mm
Connect Type Insert/Thread
Connect Size 1/4”, 1/2”
Length 330mm
Thickness of Bowl 7.5mm
Color of Bowl Clear/White/Transparent
Maximum Differential Pressure φ77mm/97mm: 200PSI
φ110mm: 250PSI
Seal Material NBR
Burst Pressure Test 500PSI
Water Hammer Test 377 PSI, 100000 times back to the circle

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