MS® Residential UF Water Filters

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MS® Residential UF Water Filters Descripiton

Membrane Solutions has been in Ultrafiltration membrane and cartridge development and manufacturing for over 10 years. Employing 30 membrane researchers and having the advanced technical, MS is one of the largest membrane manufacturers in the world. We ensure that every membrane cartridge has the best quality, high flux, stable effluent and long services life. We offer the experience to support our customers from the decision of choosing the appropriate residential UF filter cartridges

We have different household UF water filters to choose for you, such as Flat-head UF filter, Flat-press UF filter, Korea-type UF filter, Screw-type UF filter, Inserted UF filter, etc. They apply to counter-top filtration system, UF drinking water system and in-line hose filtration system to remove rust, colloid, sediment and bacteria from tap water to protect the family’s health. 


  • Household UF water filters are made of food grade material with high performance
  • We provide customized home Ultrafiltration filters
  • Wide selection of sizes and connector types
  • Ultrafiltration filters with lower fouling, higher flux and longer life
  • UF permeate water is pure, tasty and much healthier
  • NSF 419 certification
  • Best price and in-time sales service 



                       Counter-top Filtration System                            UF Water Purifier                        In-line Hose Filtration System

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