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Residential Drinking Water Filters Residential Drinking Water Filters2

MS is a leading manufacturer of home drinking water filters and filtration systems. We offer a complete line of standard filters, kitchen water filters, shower filters, faucet water filters and whole house water filters replacement cartridges, parts and accessories. Our filters are designed to solve a wide range of drinking water filtration problems including sediment, taste & odor, chemical contaminant/scale removal, and lead/cyst reduction. Cartridge types include pleated element, string wound, spun bonded, and activated, granular and carbon block in different sizes.
MS residential drinking water filters provide a fast, simple, economical installation and ease of use. Please click on the links below for a complete list of drinking water filters and to order online.

    Kitchen water filter is also named house water shower and home water filter. We usually use melt-blown filter and activated carbon filter to install in.
  MS shower filter with new filtration media-NMC (Nano-metal clusters water purification media, 10 times water purification efficiency of KDF55) can remove free chlorine, heavy metal ions, organics and contaminants.
MS faucet water filters are designed to remove toxins and pollutants from ordinary tap-water. Most of these filters are fitted with a filtering system to remove toxins and contaminants.
  Whole house water filter will treat all water in your home to protect your plumbing and family from the many dangerous chemicals in your city water or well water supply. Get rid of those bad taste & odors, water stains, dirt, sand, rust, pesticides, herbicides, turbidity, THM's, sediment  and cysts.