Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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RO Membrane Elements

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a membrane-based demineralization technique used to separate dissolved solids from solution. Membranes in general act as perm-selective barriers, which allow some species to selectively permeate through them while selectively retaining other dissolved species. Reverse Osmosis can be used to either purify water or to concentrate and recover dissolved solids in feed water.

    Membrane Solutions, LLC. is a high-tech enterprise that specialized in R&D, manufacture and technical service of reverse osmosis membrane and related water filters. Membrane Solutions supplies complete series of RO membrane elements include Residential RO Membrane Element, BW RO Membrane Element, LP RO Membrane Element, ULP RO Membrane Element, SW RO Membrane Element and FR RO Membrane Element.

 MS® Residential RO Membrane Elements



  • High heat stability and chemical stability
  • Stable flux and low equipment investment
  • Imported raw materials to ensure quality of product
  • High cost performance
  • Powerful technical and support


Brackish Water and Fouling Resistant

 Industrial Low Pressure   

Sea Water



● Household water                                             ● Industrial pure water

● Hospital and Lab                                             ● Municipal water

● Hotel and Restaurant                                       ● High-polluted water

● Commercial water                                           ● Food processing

Application Cases Scale
Wuji Zhong Xian Chemical Co.Ltd in Hebei (Depth processing) 400t/d
Zaozhuang Shenlong water Co.Ltd (variable frequency constant pressure water supply) 400t/d
Jinan Shiji Huaxin Industrial Co.,Ltd (Domestic Consuption) 500t/d

Contrast Figure of Different Brand

1. Comparision of 1812-Residential RO Membrane Elements

2. Destructive test in the condition of high TDS

Points of Attention

  • Any specific application must be limited within the Operating Limits and Conditions. All data and information provided in this manual have been obtained from long-term experiment by Membrane Solutions, LLC. Discard the RO-filtered water produced during the first one hour after system star-up.
  • The membrane elements shall be always kept in wet condition once been moistened. In order to prevent the breeding of microbes during system standby, we recommend you to soak the membrane elements with protective solution.
  • In some special case, the membrane may be damaged of degradation reaction caused by active chlorine or other oxidizing agents. Membrane Solutions®RO products can resist active chlorine damage for a short time, but they will be damaged by continuous contact with active chlorine. In this case, it is strongly recommended the users to preprocess any active chlorine before using the membrane element.
  • During storage time and run time, it is strictly prohibited to dose any chemical medicament that may be harmful to membrane elements. In case of any violation in using this kind of chemical medicament, Membrane Solutions, LLC. assumes no liability for any outcome incurred herefrom. 

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MS® Residential RO Membrane Element
MS® BW&FR RO Membrane Element
MS® LP&ULP Industrial RO Membrane Element

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