MS®SW RO Element

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  • Excellent rejection rate and reliable performance
  • High salt rejection
  • Suitable to treat waste water with TDS more than 5000 ppm
  • Designed for various industrial water treatment
  • Applicable for recycling of wastewater, concentration and reclamation 

    SW RO Element


  • Seawater desalination
  • High-concentration brackish water desalting
  • Boiler water replenishment for power plant
  • Foodstuff
  • Pharmaceuticals 
SW RO Element


Model Type SWRO4040 SWRO8040
A(inch/mm) 40/1016 40/1016
B(inch/mm) 3.94/99.6 7.84/201.8
C(inch/mm) 0.75/19.1 1.13/28.6
D(inch/mm) 1.05/26.7 -
Active Membrane Area(ft2/m2 80/7.4 380/35.2
Average Permeated FlowGPD(m3/d) 1400(5.3) 6000(22.7)
StableRejection Rate(%) 99.5 99.7
Minimum Rejection Rate(%) 99.2 99.5
Testing Pressure(psi) 800
Testing Temperature(℃) 25
Testing pH 7.5
Testing Solution Concentration(NaCl, ppm) 32800
Recovery Rate of Single Element 8%
Max. Working Pressure(psi) 1000
Max.water Permeated Flow(gpm) 75(8040)/16(4040)
Max. Feedwater Temperature(℃) 45
Max. Feedwater SDI 5
Free Chlorine Concentration of Feedwater(ppm) ≤0.1
pH Range of Feedwater during Continuous Operation 3月10日
pH Range of Feedwater during Chemical Cleaning 2月12日
Max.Pressure Drop of Single Membrane Element(psi) 15

Note:The permeate flow listed in the table is the average value. The permeate flow of single membrane element is within a tolerance not exceeding ±15% of the nominal value. 

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