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Roll Cartridge Filter Roll Cartridge Filter1

MS® roll type cartridge filters contains a variety of different series such as PolyPure® RTHV and PolyPure® RTI. This kind of cartridge relies on a graded-density depth filter design that enables it to retain defectcausing agglomerates in each layers. The optimized media structure ensures stable removal efficiency and flow rates, which were used in a wide range of high viscous liquids filtration. Each filters are manufactured registering body to an ISO9000 Quality System Standard in cleaning room and supported by a Validation Guide for compliance with

regulatory requirements. PolyPure ® RTI cartridge filters removal ratings can be 4-6 times finer than traditional rating for depth filters. The filters are all polypropylene, which can be used for clarification, polishing and final filtration in a broad range of industries.

Roll Type Filter Typical Applications

  • High viscous liquids
  • Various paints
  • CMP slurries
  • UPW
  • Beer and wine
  • Vinegar
  • Buffers
  • Process water

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