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MS® RPS Self-locking Cartridge Filter



MS’s Self-locking cartridge filter is a new kind water purifier filters which internal filter structure have two kinds of materials. That’s activated carbon and polypropylene melt blown. Activated carbon internal structure uses nontoxic and tasteless efficient coconut shell activated carbon and coal activated carbon as the main body, supplemented by food grade adhesive material, after special craft processing molding, makes the filter both have adsorption effect and filtration effect; polypropylene melt blown internal structure gradient structure, which bonded by superfine fibers inside and cruder fibers at the surface without any binder.
Self-locking cartridge filter have the advantages of discard quick insert filter which has no secondary pollution problem, at the same time, also has the advantage of replacing without professional tools and professional. Significantly reduce water purifier’s maintenance costs.

Internal Filter