Disposable Plastic Serological Pipettes

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MS life science designs the world most trustworthy product lines of disposable high-grade polystyrene Serological Pipettes. With perfectly clear observation, slick surface, accurate and legible graduation, MS® Serological pipette are ideal for liquid transfer in tissue culture, bacteriology and clinical research.

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  • Scientific Precision Assurance
  • Accurate graduation (<2%)
  • Inside slick surface
  • Drop-free tip design

  • Operation and Reading convenience
  • 100% virgin polystyrene, highly visible
  • Customary standard length
  • Cotton filter plug for saving Pipette-Aids

  • High Quality and Certificated Security
  • Negative graduation
  • Non-pyrogenic, RNase/DNase-Free
  • Strict leakage tested
  • Sterilized by gamma-radiation
  • Individual easy-to-rip paper-plastic pack


  • Tissue culture
  • Tissue and Cell Culture
  • Microbiology Research
  • Biochemistry ExperimentBiochemistry Experiment
  • Clinical Research
  • Food Safety Inspection

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