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SPE Column

Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is a technique designed for rapid sample preparation and purification prior to chromatographic analysis. Chrompure SPE products allow you to efficiently and quantitatively extract the analyses you're looking for from any sample type. So you can ensure accurate, reproducible results right from the start.


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Sample Preparation by SPE column

MS® Chrompure SPE Products Feature

  • Rapid sample preparation and purification within minutes
  • High retention rate and recovery
  • Quality sorbents for consistent results
  • Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Very good extraction and flow characteristics
  • With various packing and storage qualities, ensure better selectivity
  • Very competitive prices

MS® Chrompure SPE Columns Series

MS offers Chrompure series to our customers, Which have silica-based, polymer and adsorption SPE columns. The filling material includes C18, C18-ne, C8, NH2, CN, PSA, SAX, SCX, PLS, PCX, PAX, Florisil, Silica, Alumina-A, Alumina-B, Alumina-N and so on. SPE column capacities consist of 1, 3, and 6 ml sizes, etc. Our manufacturing process minimizes Variability and improves recovery and clean up procedures. chrompure SPE product have the following several Characteristics.


  • Biological samples and natural compounds
  • Pharmaceuticals and Drugs
  • Pesticides and antibiotics in food and agricultural matrices
  • Environmental Samples, organic compounds and pollutants.

Cross Reference

  MS Waters Agilent Phenomenex Supelco Biotage
C18 Chrompure C18 Sep-pak tC18 Bond Elut C18 Strata C18-E Sepelclean ENVI-18, Supelclean LC-18 Isolute C18(EC)
C18-N Non-endcapped Chrompure C18-ne Sep-pak C18 Bond Elut C18OH Strata C18-U -- Isolute C18
C8 Chrompure C8 Sep-Pak C8 Bond Elut C8 Strata C8 Sepelclean ENVI-8, Supelclean LC-8 Isolute C8(EC)
CN Cyanopropyl Chrompure CN Sep-Pak CN Bond Elut CN-E Strata CN Sepelclean LC-CN Isolute CN
NH2 Aminopropyl Chrompure NH2 Sep-Pak NH2 Bond Elut NH2 Strata NH2 Sepelclean LC-NH2 Isolute NH2
PSA N-aminoethy aminopropyl Chrompure PSA -- Bond Elut PSA Strata Sepelclean PSA Isolute PSA
SAX Strong anion exchanger Chrompure SAX -- Bond Elut SAX Strata SAX Sepelclean LC-SAX Isolute SAX
SCX Strong cation exchanger Chrompure SCX -- Bond Elut SCX Strata SCX Sepelclean LC-SCX Isolute SCX-3
Silica Chrompure SI Sep-Pak SI Bond Elut SI Strata SI-1 Sepelclean LC-SI Isolute SI
HLB Chrompure PLS Oasis HLB Bond Elut Plexa Strata -X Supel-Select HLB Evolute ABN
PCX Chrompure PCX Oasis MCX Bond Elut Plexa PCX Strata -XC Supel-Select SCX Evolute CX
PAX Chrompure PAX Oasis MAX Bond Elut Plexa PAX Strata -XA Supel-Select SAX Evolute AX
Florisil-FR Chrompure FL Sep-Pak FL Bond Elut FL Strata FL-PR Sepelclean LC-Florisil Isolute FL
Graphitized carbon Chrompure GCB -- Bond Elut Carbon -- Sepelclean ENVI Carb --
Alumina-N Chrompure AL-N Sep-Pak Alumina N Bond Elut Alumina N Strata Alumina-N Sepelclean LC-Alumina N Isolute AL-N
Alumina-A Chrompure AL-A Sep-Pak Alumina A Bond Elut Alumina A Strata Alumina-A Sepelclean LC-Alumina A Isolute AL-A
Alumina-B Chrompure AL-B Sep-Pak Alumina B Bond Elut Alumina B Strata Alumina-B Sepelclean LC-Alumina B Isolute AL-B
GCB/NH2 Chrompure GCB/NH2 -- Bond Elut Carbon/NH2 -- Sepelclean ENVI Carb/NH2 --
GCB/PSA Chrompure GCB/PSA -- Bond Elut Carbon/PSA -- Sepelclean ENVI Carb-ll/PSA --

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