Spiral Membrane

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Spiral Membrane

MS spiral membrane modules are composed of a combination of PVDF flat membrane sheets separated by a thin meshed spacer material which serves as a porous plastic screen support. These sheets are rolled around a central perforated tube and fitted into a tubular steel pressure vessel casing. The feed solution passes over the membrane surface and the permeate spirals into the central collection tube. MS spiral membrane modules offer a high volumetric throughput and can also be easily cleaned.


  • Designed with high intensity.
  • With wide port design, less fouling.
  • High pressure resistance.
  • High cleaning recoverability.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Simple structure, reasonable design, easy to tear open outfit.


  • Process and drinking water.
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical products.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Food and beverage.
  • Enzyme preparation.


Type Diameter(mm) Membrane Surface Areas (m²)
MS-SF -2 2.5 2
MS-SF -4 2.5 4
MS-SF -6 4 6
MS-SF -12 4 12
MS-SF -24 4 24
MS-SF -48 4 48
MS-SF -72 4 72
MS-SF -96 4 96
MS-SF -120 4 120
Membrane Material PVDF
MWCO(Dal) PVDF30,000 and 100,000
Operation Pressure(kPa) 2.1-8.3
Operation Temperature (℃) 5-55
pH Range 2-10
Cleaning Conditions
Highest Temperature (℃) 50
pH Range 1-11

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