Synthetic Air Filter Rolls & Pads

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MS offers versatile styles of Synthetic Air Filter for use in air filtration system of all types. These kind of products are available in bulk rolls and pads. MS Synthetic Air Filter Media is primarily used as a pre-filter for more expensive final filters, often extending the life-cycle of these final filters by 50% or more. Other popular application include gas turbine air intake system, commercial and industrial central air handlers, unit ventilators, fan oil units, or any system where fiberglass or other filtering materials are not required.


  • Available in various materials
  • Low initial resistance
  • Rolls and pads available in a range of sizes
  • Suitable for the production of pleated filters


  • Gas turbine air intake system
  • Commercial and industrial central air handlers
  • Unit ventilators
  • Fan oil units


Nominal Style Thickness OZ. Per
Color Tackified Scrim Roll Length Dust Holding Capacity
Initial Resistance
(in. w.g.)
SS5 1/2 4.0 White No Available 135 325 08
SS10 1 6.0 White No Available 90 215 14
SPT5 1/2 4.3 Blue/White YES No 135 340 10
SPT10 1 6.8 Blue/White YES No 90 225 14
SS5 1/2 4.0 White No No 60 315 22
SS5 1/2 4.0 White No No 90 260 22

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