Retrofit for Asahi Kasei UHA620C

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Retrofit for Asahi Kasei UHA620C



MSFUFX6590 retrofit modules are developed to replace Asahi Kasei Ultrafiltration module UHA620C with compatible dimensions to make sure no pipe and fitting change is required. It offers high tolerance to chemical cleaning, 0.03m pore size offers excellent retention performance to particles, colloides, bacteria and viruses, etc. MS PVDF UF modules are used in a variety of applications including municipal water treatment, drinking water treatment, power generation and other industrialfiltration process.


MS PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultra-filtration Membrane

  • High strength and low broken rate
  • Fouling resistance and excellent chemical stability
  • High flow rate and retention performance

Material of Removal

  • Molecular weight cut off >100,000 Dalton
  • Particle size larger than 0.03μm
  • Bacteria and virus,etc.

Features and Advantages

  • Professional Design and assembling: the size of the module is designed according to the needs of customers.
  • High filtration precision: most of the solid particles,colloidal particles and organic matters can be removed, make sure the quality of permeate.
  • Low Energy: Feed water pressure is from 0.5-2.5 Bar.
  • Outside-to-inside flow type: suitable for high turbidity water treatment.
  • Compact Design: small footprint applicable.
  • Large flow: hydrophilic membrane material provides extremely high flow rate.


   Module Specifications






Module Type


Membrane Surface Area

50 m2

Hollow Fiber Material


Pore Size

0.03 μm


0.7/1.3 mm

Flow Direction



2,338 mm


1,907 mm


165 mm


215 mm

Feed Inlet

DN 50

Permeate Outlet

DN 50

Reject Outlet

DN 50

Housing / Joint Material


Potting Material

Epoxy Resin


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