Centrifugal Filter

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Centrifugal Filter Description

The 15ml centrifugal filter devices provide rapid and efficient concentration and purification of up to 15.0 ml of biological samples. The unique vertical design and maximum filtration area provide fast sample processing and high sample recovery rate (typically greater than 90% of dilute starting solution), while maintaining a gentle concentration environment to preserve protein activity and conformation. Solute polarization and subsequent fouling of the membrane are minimized by the vertical design,and a physical dead-stop in the filter device prevents spinning to dryness and potential sample loss. The wide selection of ultra filtration molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) devices incorporate PES membrane, which is very low in protein and nucleic acid binding.

MS RevoSeizer™ 15ml  centrifugal filter catalog.PDF


  • Low biological binding and high chemical compatibility
  • Special design to prevent drying, which can avoid damage to thesamples due to excessivecentrifugation
  • Optional pore sizes for various MWCO requirements
  • Effective filtration area up to 7.2cm2, larger area allows higher flowrate
  • 100% pass integrity testing


  • Concentration/Desalination of Proteins/Nucleic Acids;
  • Buffer Exchanging or ChromatographyComponent Desalting;
  • Bio-molecules Harvesting from Culture Media;
  • Concentration/Separation of Viruses;
  • Coarse Separation of Bio-molecular Mixtures;
  • Removal of Particles and Debris from Celllysate;
  • Removal of Primers, Adapters, or Molecular Markers from Reactionmixtures.

Technical Specifications

Material & Size
Filter PC Material
Membrane PES membrane
Filtrate tube PP material
Filtrate cap and liner PP material
Filters in test tubes (capped) Overall length 117mm, Diameter 31mm
Filter Length: 75 mm, Diameter:28 mm
Effective filter area 7.2 cm2
Maximum sample volume 15mL
Maximum filtrate volume 17mL
Retention volume 20μL
Locking volume 300μL
Operating temperature 0-40°C
pH range 1-14
Maximum centrifugal force: Swing bucket rotor 4000x g
Fixed angle rotor 5000x g

Order Information

Article No Description Qty/pk
UTPES150005N 15ml, PES, 5KD, red 12 pcs
UTPES150010N 15ml, PES, 10KD, blue 12 pcs
UTPES150030N 15ml, PES, 30KD, yellow 12 pcs
UTPES150050N 15ml, PES, 50KD, orange 12 pcs
UTPES150100N 15ml, PES, 100KD, white 12 pcs
MTPES150010N 15ml, PES, 0.1µm, green 12 pcs
MTPES150022N 15ml, PES, 0.2µm, pink 12 pcs
MTPES150045N 15ml, PES, 0.45µm, blackish green 12 pcs


  1. The 15mL ultra-filtration centrifuge tube is non sterilized disposable product. If it is damaged, please do not use it.
  2. The 15mL ultra-filtration centrifuge tube is only for research use, not for in vitro diagnosis.
  3. To ensure the suitability of the sample, it is recommended to conduct a pre experiment for the first use to test the recovery and retention efficiency.


*To achieve the highest recovery, MWCO membrane selected should be at least half the molecular weight of the solute to be retained.

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