Ultrafiltration Tube

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MS® ultrafiltration tubes are designed for in vitro diagnostic use and intended for concentrating serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and other body fluids prior to analysis. Ultrafiltration tube through the centrifugation to remove biological macromolecules which is significantly larger than filter pore size to improve the solute concentration of biological macromolecules, more than 90% recovery.

Products are consisted of the tube cap, ultrafiltration intubation and tube body. One can handle 15 to 20ml samples, it is individually sterile packaging.

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  • High recovery regenerated cellulose membrane in a range of molecular weight cut-offs like30KD, 50KD
  • Typical final concentrate volume is 200μl
  • 100% integrity tested for reliable performance
  • Convenient sample monitoring with translucent housing and volume gradations
  • Direct pipettor sample access eliminates processing step to recover concentrate


  • Remove the labeled amino acid and nucleotide
  • HPLC sample preparation
  • Removing Impurity proteins
  • Protein and enzyme concentration and desalting
  • Recovery of target molecules in biological solution

Technical Specifications

Parameters Details
Housing material PS (polystyrene)
Membrane material PES
Effective Filtration area(cm2) 6
Filter volume(ml) 15

Order Information

Cat. No Sample Volume MWCO Pack(qty/case)
Ultrafiltration tube
LBUT5001 15mL 30000 24
LBUT5002 15mL 50000 24

*To achieve the highest recovery, MWCO membrane selected should be at least half the molecular weight of the solute to be retained.

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