Ultrafiltration Modules

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MS® Ultrafiltration modules include industrial Ultrafiltration (UF) modules and residential Ultrafiltration (UF) elements

Industrial UF modules include spiral wound UF modules and hollow fiber of PVDF pressurized UF and PES pressurized UF

MS® spiral wound UF serial, made of PVDF flat sheet membrane, widely apply in industries of Pharmaceuticals & medical products, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage concentration and Enzyme preparation.
MS® PVDF UF has the property of strong chemical resistance, and less fouling, widely applied to industrial wastewater treatment. MS® PES modules with Super-Hydrophilic property widely apply to drinking water plants, food and beverage industries.



Residential Ultrafiltration elements specialize in filtrating water in Household Drinking Water Systems and Lab Water Purification Systems. And the residential UF elements with hollow fiber membrane are out-side-in filtration, with 3 optional kinds of materials of PVDF, PS and PES. 
MS® residential UF filters include 5 types of connector, such as Flat-head UF filter, Flat-pressure UF filter, Korea-type UF filter, Screw-type UF filter and Inserted-type UF filter.


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