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Membrane Solutions (MS) hollow fiber Ultrafiltration membrane treatment system are designed as customers’ requirement, for instance Ultrafiltration Skids (UF skids will be tested before shipment), large-scale Industrial UF Systems project, and we also provide you any Membrane System Design Schemes and technical supports for your completed water treatment. 

Industrial Ultrafiltration systems are applied to produce more clean and purified water from various raw water, such as rivers, lakes, industrial water, secondary water and seawater. Ultrafiltration(UF) system treat water as pre-treatment process to protect the downstream process of Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane system, and lengthen the Integrated Membrane System (IMS) service life and improve produced water quality for a long time.

UF Skids are comprised of PVDF UF or PES UF modules, auxiliary parts and piping, and can significantly streamline design, assembly and installation and can be pre-engineered, standardized and ready-to-assemble.

ultrafiltration membraneultrafiltration system

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