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Ultra-pure water (UPW) is usually considered to be water with resistivity greater than 18MΩ.cm or close to 18.3MΩ.cm at 25ºC, in which the conductive medium is almost completely removed, and the non-dissociated colloidal substances, gases and organic matter are removed to a very low degree. Now the ultra-pure water preparation adopts pre-treatment, electrodialysis (EDI) ultraviolet sterilization, reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange and a variety of membrane filtration technologies. The process can be roughly divided into three steps: pre-treatment,

desalination, and Fine Filtration.
1. Pre-treatment: including multi-media filtration, activated carbon filtration, softener, filtration to remove 1-20μm particles in water and remove organic matter and free chlorine.
2. Desalination: including reverse osmosis (RO), electrodialysis (EDI) and other methods to remove most of the ions in water. For example, the desalination rate of electrodeionizaion (EDI) can reach 95% or more. Reverse osmosis (RO) has a desalination rate of 98%, and can remove 99% of bacterial particles and organic matter dissolved in water.
3. Fine Filtration: the role is mainly to prevent fine particles and broken resin residue from entering the finished water. The deionized water is easy to cause secondary pollution by the overflow

pipelines and equipment, resulting in the increase of the conductivity of deionized water and the unqualified water quality. Through 0.1μm precision filter, the particles that may remain in the deionized water are filtered, to ensure the purity of the terminal water quality.

Common ltra-pure water production process:

Ultrapure Water Filtration


After understanding the process needs of customers, Membrane Solutions provides customers with stable and reliable products for a long time, and can provide perfect filter cartridge process validation. Its recommendations for the filtration and applications of the main sites in the production process of ultra-pure water are as follows:


Station Membrane Solutions Recommended Filter Cartridge Series
①Security Filtration MS_600 FlowPure-HF  Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flow
MicroPure Classic Series  PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
PolyPure-Classic Series (PPC Series)  PP Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flux and High Flow Rate
②Fine Filtration SteriPure Series (SP Series)  PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flow Rate and Long Service Life
SteriPure-B Series (SPB Series)  PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flow Rate and High Efficiency


For detailed technical solutions and product series information, please contact MS sales engineer.