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MS® Skid Ultrapure Water System


For many years, Membrane Solutions has been solving complex contamination problem for diverse customers around the world. Our products and services allow customers to meet regulatory requirements and increase output while reducing total cost of ownership. Our enabling technologies help make customers' products better,safer,and even possible.



Ultrapure water system is RO as the core, combined with UF, EDI, MF, active carbon filter, UV and other equipment of the purification of water treatment system, with a wide range of applications, such as pure water, high pure water, Removing pyrogen water, injection water, Solution preparation water, can effectively remove organic matter, heat source, virus, TOC, salt ions, in line with the industry water standards.

Membrane Solutions Characteristics of Skid Ultrapure Water System

  • Amount of treatment
  • The system combines UF and EDI technology to achieve high removal rate of organic matter and salt ion
  • The membrane package contains before and after treatment (softener, multi media filter, UF, EDI, dosing device etc.)
  • System design simple and efficient
  • On-line monitoring system
  • System automation
  • Small space, high stability
  • Simple, efficient and environmentally friendly economy