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MS® Robinson UPW System For commercial

 UPW System For commercial UPW System For commercial1

Commercial pure water system

MS provides a complete solution for the design of the pre - design,Robinson UPW System has high reliability, simple operation, low cost, stable water quality treatment and better effect of pollutant removal, etc.The system can meet the  from 375 gpd to 288000 gpd (0.06 m3 / h to 45.4 m3 / h) of flow demand.

Application of Robinson ultra pure water system:

  •  Food and beverage
  • Ice production/drinking water
  •  Aquariums
  • Steam equipment
  • Humidification
  • Misting equipment
  • Boilers
  • Vehicle wash
  • Medical sterilizers
  •  Industrial
  • Laboratories

Commercial pure water process



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