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MS® Robinson UPW System For Drinking


MS UPW system advantages

Safety: using membrane separation technology to make water, by the 5 water treatment, can effectively remove the water pathogenic pollutants (including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, residual pesticides, benzene, etc.).
Convenient: one is to drink, the automatic water system.
Economy: low cost.
Fresh:drinking while making, then there is no bacteria, no secondary pollution.
Quality and Reliability: perfect after-sales service, to solve the future problems of the equipment

Five stages

  • Pre-filter:to remove sand,dirt,worn,and rust
  • Granular Carbon Filter:to Adsorb the Chlorine,VOC Organic Matter,Oder,Smell Turbidity.
  • Block Carbon Filter:to absorb the chlorine,organic,odor,smell turbidity and suspending particles.
  • RO membrane Filter:Remove all kinds of bacteria,virus and hardness,makes water safe for drinking.
  • Taste regulator Filter:Adjusts taste of purified water to be more velvety and absorbent.

Drinking pure water process 


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