What Need to Know About Lab Filtration Equipment?


Filtration is a very important step in laboratory, it is essential in life science, pharmaceutics, environmental monitoring and industrial quality control. But do you know which equipment is used in a laboratory for filtration?

Different experimental processes need different laboratory filtration equipment types to achieve the filtering effect you want. The most common equipment used in a laboratory for filtration are syringe filters, disc membranes, and vacuum filters. You can select the most suitable filter device according to your filtration process.

1. Syringe filter

Disposable syringe filters are a convenient and reliable filtration tools widely used in laboratories. They are lightweight and clean, making the filtering process easier. Syringe filters are mainly used for sample pre-filtration, clarification, particle removal, and sterilization filtration of liquids and gases. This type of th e filtration equipment is the preferred method for filtering small samples by HPLC and GC. According to the sterilization method, syringe filters can be divided into sterilization and non-sterilization.

Disposable syringe filters do not require membrane replacement or filter cleaning, this means you don’t need to make a complicated and time-consuming preparations with them. Syringe filters are used in conjunction with a disposable syringe. They are ideal for small-volume samplesfiltration, the processing capacity ranges from 0.5ml to 200ml.


  • High flow rate
  • High throughput
  • High retention rate
  • High withstand voltage
  • A variety of apertures, diameters, and materials options
  • Low extractables
  • Suitable for various applications such as HPLC, GC, etc.


  • General filtering
  • Sample preparation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
  • Fluid monitoring
  • Gas Filtration
  • Spectrum analysis


Disc Membrane

The disc membrane is microporous filter membrane with a specific pore size, which enables particles or microorganisms to remain on the membrane surface. The unique pore structure of the disc membrane creates a natural physical barrier with the ability to retain particles and bacteria. The main products of Membrane Solutions include polyethersulfone membrane (PES), mixed cellulose membrane (MCE), nylon membrane (NY), polyvinylidene fluoride membrane (PVDF), polytetrafluoroethylene membrane (PTFE), polypropylene membrane (PP polypropylene) and glass fiber film (GF glass fiber), etc.