String Wound Filter Cartridge

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Membrane Solutions string wound filter cartridge is made of cotton wire, PP or  glass fiber wire precisely wound on the porous skeleton (PP or stainless steel) according to a specific process, which has a honeycomb structure with a sparse outside and a dense inside. It can effectively remove suspended matter, particles, rust and other impurities in the fluid, and has very excellent filtration performance.


  • Small differential pressure, high flow, high dirt holding capacity and long service life;

  • The filter pore diameter is small inside and large outside, with good depth filter effect;

  • With PP or stainless steel core, high pressure resistance;

  • A variety of materials can be selected for the filter cartridge to ensure various liquid filtration requirements and achieve the best filtration effect.


  • Pharmaceutical industry: prefiltration of various injections, medicinal liquids, and injection wash bottle water, prefiltration of large infusions, various antibiotics, and traditional Chinese medicine injections.

  • Food and beverage industry: such as the filtration of edible oil and vegetable oil, the filtration of various slurries such as syrup and chocolate;

  • Electronics industry: pretreatment of developing solution, etching solution, electroplating solution, organic solvent, etc.

  • Chemical industry: prefiltration of acid and alkali liquid, resin, adhesive, coating, graphite, ink, photographic developing solution, etc.

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